The welcoming share house surrounded by greenery



The share house will provide a perfect environment for residents to enjoy the feel of luxurious vacation surrounded by enriched greens. Verde is an Italian word for “green”. Extensive gardens are located in the facility, where you can plant your favorite flowers and harvest your own vegetables. The beautiful gardens can soon be turned into a comforting space for residents to enjoy communication. Common kitchens equip various kitchen equipments including the basic essentials to the ones that you may hesitate to purchase when living alone. You can enjoy cooking unique dish with the home-grown vegetables. Free your creativity and express your character by turning “Sharely style Verde” into your one and only home.

Sharely Style Verde Blog


    Living in relaxing and lively share house,
       located on the outskirts of the city center

    ‘The Sharely Style Verde’ is medium size of share house. Society, a range of generations, students studying Japanese live here together.
    You should be able to meet new people here.
    Would you like to experience different cultures and intergenaration exchange?

    There is a spacious parking lot, so that we are even able to do.
    We all enjoy delicious beef and alcohol in the outside under the beautiful summer sky
    and sharing meals which you prepare in the kitchen with everyone.
    Varietal ways you can have a fun here.

    Also, you ,of course, enjoy events in the dining hall!
    At the top of the picture, they are doing a hand roll sushi party.
    How do you make it, well... what is hand roll sushi in the first place?
    We will teach everything from the beginning!

    You must be satisfied and full, we held monthly event,
    like cultural exchange event and gourmet event you enjoy.
    You can bring your own idea about an event you come up with.
    We are always looking forward to hear any great idea from you!

    They are previous residents, who visited us or reuse here again.
    This wonderful connection is what we always seek.

    Here's always interaction not only with residents, but also their friends!

    You feel four seasons by seeing ornaments at the entrance, such as a Christmas tree or cherry blossom.
    All ornaments make our guest house lively and artistic!
    What should we decorate for next season!?

    Doll's festival, Setsubun(the last day of winter), Christmas and Valentain's day and so on…
    preparing those events and hope here will be a great place to take a rest.
    We always try to form our thoughts to object and offer for you!

    Around SHARELY

    Access to central of Fukuoka

    Access to central Fukuoka is excellent because you can take both JR and Nishitetsu railways. You can go to school or go to work by train. You can also travel around on weekend or holidays.

    Shimo-ori Station

    Shimo-ori station on the Nishitetsu line is 4 minutes away by foot. By express train it only takes 15 minutes to reach Fukuoka (Tenjin station), which makes access to Tenjin area (major shopping district) very convenient.

    Onojo Station

    If you want to go to Hakata area, you can use JR Onojo station on the Kagoshima main line, which is a 10 minute walk by foot away. The express trains that stop there only take 9 minutes till Hakata (Fukuoka’s Shinkansen station).

    Around SHARELY

    Aeon Shimo-ori shop

    The major supermarket Aeon Shimo-ori is only a 2 minute walk away. Here you can not only find food, but also a lot of other stuff like bicycles, home appliances and electronics or outdoor goods.

    Convenience store

    In addition to the supermarket you can also find other shops like convenience stores or cleaning shops within 5 minutes by foot.

    Kasuga park

    Kasuga park is about 1.5km away and perfect for a stroll. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy reading a book or drawing in the shadow of the trees or sweat together with your share mates while doing sport. Free yourself from daily busy life and fully relax in your spare time.

    Shirouzu-oike park

    Around 15 minutes away by bicycle, Shiramizuoike park has both water and green in abundance. Within the park is also the observatory “Hoshi no yakata”, where you can enjoy great experiences like for example a total lunar eclipse with your share mates.


    Dazaifu Tenmangu

    Dazaifu is famous as a place dedicated to the god of study. Many people come from all over Japan and even from all over the world to visit it. Behind the temple you can also find Japans largest national museum, the “Kyushu National Museum”. How about spending a free day here by leisurely getting in touch with history?


    Dazaifu Government Office ruins (Tofuro)

    Between Nara and Heian Period the regiuonal government for Kyushu was located at Dazaifu. Nowadays there are only a few stones or steles remaining in vast grassland, but there are many cherry trees in spring and flowers in summer. So this is not only a place for people who love history, but also those who want to enjoy beautiful views of nature in each season.


    Ushikubi dam

    Ushikubi dam is famous for watching fireflies. There is also the Onojo-ikoi forest close by with a camping place. Why not spend a summer holiday camping with share mates?


    Fukunoyu (Kasuga)

    How about washing away the daily fatigue in a huge bath? Only 5 minutes by car away you can enjoy a Rotenburo (Japanese outdoor onsen) and steem sauna. Deepen the friendship with your share mates by enjoying the healing effects of an onsen together.

    Environment from outside to the inside

    Sharing facilities

    Exterior view

    Flowers for each season welcome you


    Property managers are present on the site to look after your belongings while you are away.
    * Please be aware that property manger may not be available at times.

    Parking lot

    There is space for 6 cars. Please inquire at the office for more details, if you are interested in renting.

    Bicycle parking

    there is a covered bicycle parking area

    Living room

    The spacious living room features a large screen, so you can enjoy movies etc. together with your share mates.

    Common kitchen

    There are various cooking appliances available one usually can’t buy living alone. Enjoy cooking in your leisure time.


    Enjoy a brunch you prepare with your share mates, when the weather is good. At night the terrace is illuminated, so you can relax while having a drink. There is spacious area in front of the terrace for you to start your own garden. People who are interested in gardening and home-harvesting are especially welcomed!


    Make yourself at home, relax on a couch and invite your friends.

    Japanese Tatami room

    It’s difficult to have a tatami room in a one room apartment. Please relax and enjoy the spirit of Japan in our 6 mat tatami room.


    There are gender separated shower rooms.

    Powder room for ladies

    Perfect when getting ready for work or going out!


    There are rest rooms on each floor.

    Laundry room

    There are 2 washing machines and 1 dryer on each floor free for use.

    Private space


    The room is approx. 15m2. There is no bathroom, kitchen and restroom so that it is quick and easy for daily cleaning.


    There is a large closet and also shelves on the wall, so there is no shortage in storage space.

    Furniture, home appliances

    Room is equipped with bed, desk, chair, fridge etc., you can just move in with your bag.


    Each room has a balcony, so you can sunbath if the weather is good. The balcony is large enough to dry your futon here.


    Internet is completely free and ready to use when you move in.


    Information of the apartment
    Apartment Name Sharely Style Verde
    Address 1-4-32, Shimo-ori, Onojyo city, FUKUOKA
    Transportation 4-minute walk from Nishitetsu Shimo-ori station
    10-minute walk from JR Onojyo station
    Structure Steel frame – four storeys building
    Room size 15.00㎡
    Shared facilities Auto-lock entrance, mail box, shoe box, shower rooms by gender, toilet for each floor, laundry room for each floor, common kitchen, lounge, japanese tatami room
    Private room facilities Air conditioner, desk, chair, bed, fridge, ligting stand, storage, curtain, Internet(LAN)



    Key money, comission and contract renewel fee are not required.Monthly lease are available from minimum duration of one month.

    1-3 months
    Room typeGender-neutral floorLadies-only floor
    1 person per room2 people per room1 person per room2 people per room
    Common service costs15,000yen30,000yen15,000yen30,000yen
    Total monthly rent64,000yen79,000yen65,000yen80,000yen
    *Comforter lease fee are included in rent. (Change of bedding sheets available once a week.)
    *Utilities are included in common fee.
    3-6 momths
    Room typeGender-neutral floorLadies-only floor
    1 person per room2 people per room1 person per room2 people per room
    Common service costs15,000yen30,000yen15,000yen30,000yen
    Total monthly rent54,000yen69,000yen55,000yen70,000yen
    *Comforter lease fee are included in rent. (Change of bedding sheets available once a week.)
    *Utilities are included in common fee.
    6 months or above
    Room typeGender-neutral floorLadies-only floor
    1 person per room2 people per room1 person per room2 people per room
    Common service costs15,000yen30,000yen15,000yen30,000yen
    Total monthly rent49,000yen64,000yen50,000yen65,000yen
    *Beddings are not provided. Comforter rental services are available upon request at extra cost. *Utilities are included in common fee.
    The total cost when signing the contract
    *In case the contract starts in the middle of the month, the rent will be charged pro rata on a daily basis.
    Contract period1-3 months3-6 months6 months or above
    Administrative fee5,400yen5,400yen5,400yen
    Room cleaning fee5,400yen5,400yen5,400yen
    Guarantee chargeAdditional deposits may be asked if you are unable to provide a joint guarantor who is a resident of Japan. Please contact the management office for more details. *Joint guarantor must be provided*
    Insurance fee--8,000yen/year
    Monthly rent64,000yen~54,000yen~49,000yen~
    *For any contract over six-month duration, if you are unable to provide a joint guarantor who is a resident of Japan, you may be required to join a lease guarantor company (from 12,000 yen/a year).
    *In accordance with the policy, all deposits will be refunded after moving out. (Depending on the condition of the room, additional restoration fee may be asked.)

    Optional choices

    Parking areas
    Bicycle / month200yen
    Moped / month2,000yen
    Medium-sized moped/ month3,000yen
    Large-sized moped/vehicle/ month6,000yen
    Car / month6,000yen
    Bicycle rental3,000 yen / month(1 week : 1,000 yen)
    Bedding basic24,000 yen / annual
    14,000 yen / Half a year
    3,240 yen / month
    * Contents: quilt, mattress, blanket, pillow, toweling blanket (summer), quilt cover set, pillow cover, sheets
    * The price above includes washing of the bedding covers once a week for 1 year.
    * We do not accept any cancellation of half year-contraction and full year-contraction.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

    Application to move into Sharely Style Verde

    What is the process for the application?
    First of all, please fill in the inquiry form with the check-in date and period of your stay.
    If you are planning for a long-term stay (more than 6 months long), we highly recommend you to visit us to view the place first. In that regard, please inform us about the date you would like to have a visit. During your visit, our staff can answer all your questions about living here.
    * If you are living far away from Sharely Style Verde, or being overseas, or have any other reasons which make it difficult for you to make an advance visit, please feel free to consult with us.
    After your first visit, we will provide you with the application form. Please submit your application form either to us by either FAX or email. After confirming your information in the application form, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone. Once we have completed your application review, we will contact you again.
    Do I need a joint guarantor?
    Please designate a person who lives in Japan as your joint guarantor.
    If you do not have any joint guarantor, or if that person has no stable employment, please contact us.
    When am I supposed to pay for the initial fee?
    It is required that the initial fee has been transferred to our bank account at the latest 3 days before moving in.
    In case that you are living oversea, or have other difficulties in making a bank transfer to a domestic Japanese bank account, please consult with us directly so that we can advise to you about other methods.
    Is it possible to have my application rejected?
    Since we give utmost importance to shared lifestyles, we have to reject applicants who are unlikely to be able to respect share house’s rule or cannot refrain from causing disturbance. Since our motto is “amiability”, outgoing and cheerful persons are always welcome! At the same time, we have to reject applicants who focus on finding romantic relationships at our place.
    To sum things up, people who can follow general social rules will be welcomed.
    *Should we not conclude a contract with you after reviewing your application, we reserve the right not to clarify you about the reason of rejection. Thank you for your kind understanding.
    Can everyone move in?
    There is no particular restriction on the applicant’s nationality, gender, age and career. (If the applicant is under 18 years old, he/she needs a person of at least 20 years old to sign the contract.
    Since we give utmost importance to shared lifestyles, we have to reject applicants who are unlikely to be able to respect share house’s rule or cannot refrain from causing disturbance. Even after moving in, your contract will be terminated if you have repeatedly caused disturbances to other tenants.
    *We will reject applicants who want to move in mainly to find romantic relationships at our place.
    Is it possible to put me on the waiting list?
    Yes, if there are no vacancies, you can chose to be added to the waiting list. We will let you know as soon as there is a vacancy.
    Please kindly wait for our contact.
    Will there be any charges if I cancel my application?
    If the cancellation was made after the payment of the initial fee, the deposit fee (10,000 ~ 20,0000 yen) will not be refunded regardless of the reasons. Please understand in advance.

    Regarding rules of living at Sharely Style Verde

    Who will be tasked with cleaning the common space?
    In general, Management staff and cleaning staff will be the cleaning the common space. Anyway, we will be much appreciated if you are being considerate to other tenants by cleaning the stuff you used, or even help with staff you didn`t use on voluntary basis.
    *Please note that you are responsible to clean your own room. You can lend you the cleaning tools for this free of charges.
    How can I dispose of garbage?
    There is a shared rubbish bin in the common space. You can dispose garbage after cooking there.
    However, garbage from your own room needs to be put into garbage bags designated by Fukuoka City.
    Please place those garbage bags in the designated areas for garbage collection.
    Are alcoholic beverages allowed in here?
    Yes, you can drink alcohol either in your room or in the common space.
    However, please be mindful of your manners while enjoying drinking.
    Just as it is said, “You drink liquor, don’t let it drink you.
    Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking is strictly prohibited even in your own room.
    If you would like to smoke, please go to the designated smoking corner in the outdoor area on the ground floor.
    Can I let my friend stay in my room?
    1,500 yen/night for staying. You are required to contact the management staff prior to your stay.
    *Men are not allowed on ladies-only floor.
    Anything else I need to know about living here?
    Be sure to exchange “Greetings” before starting a communication! Greetings are very important in Japanese and help with an amiable atmosphere for everyone.
    In order to facilitate the successful share house lifestyle, please be considerate to each other.
    We believed to give is more blessed than to receive.
    Can I have a pet in here?
    Sorry, no pets are allowed neither in your room nor in the common areas.

    About shared lifestyle at Sharely Style Verde

    Where do the residents come from?
    Half of the residents are Japanese.
    The other half comes from different countries including South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, United States, France, United Kingdom, etc.
    If I am not good at Japanese or English, is that alright?
    That is totally fine! Communication is not just about the use of words! The important thing is your strong feeling in making friends.
    We are always surprised seeing how foreign residents with little knowledge on Japanese and Japanese residents with beginner’s level of English can help others in improving their language skills.
    How often do you organize events?
    Our manage staff is organizing an event about once a month. Besides, residents in here frequently hold parties (such as birthday party, farewell party, etc.).
    Please do not be shy, join us and enjoy the party.
    When there are problems within the share house, such as with other tenants, what should I do?
    In general, please try to resolve the problems with your fellow tenants first. However, if the problem cannot be resolved between the tenants regardless of your efforts, please consult with our management staff.
    Is there a chance of finding romantic relationship here?
    This is a place where you can befriend people of various nationalities.
    Even though we reject prospect tenants who apply just only to find their partners, there are tenants who become couples after living a shared lifestyles and getting closer to each other.
    However, we have to remind you again, we reject people who just come here to seek romance!
    How will you deal with noises?
    Living together in one place with people of different culture and different lifestyles, some noise has to be expected. We appreciate your understanding.
    * Nevertheless, please be assured that we will respond accordingly if the line has been crossed, such as in cases where loud noises are made continuously in late night. In such cases, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Will there be anyone to help me when I am in trouble?
    All tenants here are people with consideration to each other.
    If you have any roubles, please be brave and try consulting with your fellow tenants. At the same time, our management staff is also available to help you, please feel free to call him/her.
    How can I pay for utility fees such as electricity, water, and Internet?
    Fees for electricity and water will be included in the monthly rent in fixed amount.
    Please pay for them when you are paying the rent fee.
    Meanwhile, internet is free of charge. However, downloading large amount of data such as videos can slow down the internet connection speed for the whole share house. Please refrain from causing inconvenience to other residents.

    Regarding to the contract cancellation and moving out

    What should I do if I would like to move-out?
    We have a cancellation notice available at the share house, so please contact the management staff about the matter.
    Please note that the cancellation notice must be submitted at least 1 month prior the date you intend to move out.
    Will you return my deposit?
    *In accordance with the policy, all deposits will be refunded after moving out.
    (Depending on the condition of the room, additional restoration fee may be asked.)


    Please be noted that Fukuoka Dormitory 2 shown on the Google Map is the old name of the building and we're currently in the process of changing it to Sharely Style Verde. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and appreciate your understanding.

    To corporate members and education providers

    If you are looking for a place to live for long-term business trips or training periods, please kindly consider Sharely Style Verde as your choice. Even if we cannot provide all the services of a hotel, we give our best to provide you with a place like home to relax and regenerate after work. We also offer special discounts to corporate members.

    Please contact the management office for more details.

    Enquiry method

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

    Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 JST (Japan standard time)
    Telephone number: (+81)92-715-6711

    If you would like to contact us by e-mail, please use the enquiry form below.

    * Required

    Assumed Name
    (ex. 2010/11/11)