Welcome to the first large shared house in Kyushu




"The share house with cross-culture experience and welcoming atmosphere."

At SHARELY STYLE HAKATA, foreigners from all over the world are coming to Fukuoka for various purposes, such as working holiday, studying, living together with Japanese and etc. Here you have the opportunity for cross-cultural exchange and learning other languages. There is a great mix of people with male and female, Japanese and foreign accounting for about 50% of the residents. People coming to SHARELY are often surprisingly impressed how this atmosphere exsits.

Our motto is: first is "Greetings", second is "Greetings", and even third, fourth and fifth is Greetings too!

At SHARELY STYLE HAKATA, the staff won't forget to say "Welcome home!" to you when you get back. Let’s make friends with the staff and other residents. That's the way how our residents and staff get along each other well. By keeping this relationship, we create welcoming and relaxing guest house with 100 of the residents here.


Cross-cultural experience

Each resident has a range of purposes of staying here such as working living and holidays, studying abroad and brushing language skills or so. Furthermore, while communicating with a variety of people, you might find new business partner! “SHARELY STYLE HAKTA” is that kind of place where you are able to receive and give “an added value” to each other.

Short-term exchange students from Holland. They enjoyed living in Fukuoka and got back home. They became a big fun of SOFTBANK HAWKS! Looks like native in Hakata!

Setsubun Festival
A few of our residents participated in the Setsubun Festival! They were playing the role of the Red and Blue Devil. We have that type of friendly and reliable residents at Sharely Style Hakata. It’s like “adding wings to a tiger”

☆New Year☆
Most people returned to home, but those who stayed made Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year food) and celebrated together. We are happy that you made Sharely Style Hakata your second home.

They not only celebrated the birthdays of each resident, but the birthdays of our staff as well! So touching! Such nice people!

Summer Barbecue!!
From the afternoon, we enjoyed a beer and a Barbecue. A relaxing holiday, giving us power to get through busy weekdays.

What could be better than a hot pot during cold season? Sitting around it, warming your body and soul up together!

We of course didn’t forget any of the events that happen once a year, such as Tanabata, Halloween, Yamakasa, Christmas, etc. On Halloween for instance, everyone was surprised with candies by the staff.

People are coming and going sadly here… But we can leave with a smile on our face, because we believe that we will meet again one day! There is a welcome or farewell party at SHARELY STYLE HAKATA every week!

Information Around SHARELY

Access to central of Fukuoka

Access to central Fukuoka is excellent because you can take both JR and Nishitetsu railways. You can not only go to school or commute, but also travel around on weekends or holidays by both trains.

Ijiri Station

It only takes five minutes by foot from Sharely Style Hakata to get to the nearest station, Ijiri station.
You can get to Fukuoka (Tenjin) station within 10 minutes by train.

Sasabaru Station

In addition to Nishitetsu line, you can also use JR line. Sasabaru station is within walking distance too, with only 10 minutes by foot and conveniently connects you to Hakata station.
It only takes 6 minutes to Hakata Station. If you don't want to walk for 10 minutes in the summer, you can also rent a bicycle!


Gourmet City

There is a supermarket at the back of the Ijiri Shopping Street. On the second floor there is a 100 yen shop, so you won't have any trouble buying your daily necessities.
*Moreover, there are also convenient stores nearby, a lunch box shop (Hotto Motto) and so on within a 5 minutes' walk from Shrely Style Hakata.

Morooka Shinsui Park

The Morooka Shinsui Park is a good to go for jogging around a large pond, which is perfect for daily exercise.
On holidays, enjoy walking or jogging while admiring the nature surroundings.
Forget and escape from stress busy life and find the way you can be most relaxing in the park.

Ijiri Shopping Street

This is a traditional shopping street crowded with greengrocer’s and quaint restaurants in hidden places.
Discover your own favorite shop!
You may receive nice services by becoming a regular customer…!

Exterior and Interior

Shared facilities

Exterior view

Welcoming with a nice and stylish exterior design!


We always keep your baggage safe and receive parcels for you.

Shared kitchen on the ground floor

All kitchenware and tableware are for use by anyone. Please follow the rules to keep it a comfortable place for everyone!
You can also share your food with others (and become popular )!

2F shared kitchen

Cook together! Enjoy the food together! You no longer need to go to a restaurant to enjoy dishes from all over the world!

2F Lounge

Spacious lounge to relax. Big enough for large parties. How about making new friends while playing table tennis?


Have a barbecue when the weather is good!

6F shared kitchen (Female only)

Have some girl talk here!

Laundry room

1F Male Only
6F Female only
All the washing machines are free for use!

Bicycle parking area

There is a covered parking lot for your bicycles! No need to worry about weather even during rainy season.

Vending machines

Thirsty, hungry, but do not feel up to go out ......
Don't worry! The vending machines are installed inside the building!

Standard room

Simple room of about 12 square meters. Adding some small things for decoration will greatly enhance the atmosphere of the room and make you feel at home.
Enjoy the time in your private room.

Private bathroom and toilet

When you come back home tired, do you want to relax just by yourself?
Each room is equipped with a separate bathroom and toilet, so you don't need to worry about sharing with others.
Enjoy your bath and be ready for a whole new day after relaxing in your own room.

Compact refrigerator

As the room isn't too big, we only put in a small refrigerator.
The shared kitchen has a large refrigerator, so you can store your food there.

Storage space

There is sufficient storage space in each room. You can easily hang your coat or your suit there.

Wired LAN

Whether it's for job and private, nowadays internet is a must.
At SHARELY STYLE HAKATA all rooms are equipped with FREE Internet.
* Room (wired LAN): 1F / 2F kitchen (wireless WIFI)

Deluxe room

Rooms are more spacious and equipped with basic furniture as well as you can make it your favorite place by adding your own furniture and decoration.


There is a large enough closet protecting your clothes from any dust inside of it.
The Light inside the closet makes selection of clothes easier at any time.


Standard room
Deluxe room
Information of the apartment
Apartment Name Sharely Style Hakata
Address 1-32-5, Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City
Transportation 4-minute walk from Nishiteshu Ijiri Station
10-minute walk from JR Sasabaru Station
Structure 6 story building of iron-reinforced concrete
Room size 12.00㎡
Shared facilities Auto-lock entrance, elevator, laundry room, mail box, share kitchen, lounge
Private room facilities Air conditioner, bathroom, toilet, bed, hot water supply, mini-fridge, desk, chair, storage space, lighting stand, shoe box, curtain, Internet (free)

Price list

No charge for honorarium, intermediation fee, and recontract. Only pay 40800 yen monthly (rent & Common service charges & Council rate & Utility expenses, all included) move in without worries. One room for one person.

From 1 month to 3 months (3-month is not included)
Room TypeStandard RoomDeluxe Room
One room One person4th and 5th floor SouthwardOne room One person
Rent72200 yen74200 yen84200 yen
Common Service Charges5500 yen5500 yen
Utility Expenses9300 yen9300 yen
Total for month87000 yen89000 yen99000 yen
※ Rental Futon charge is included in the rent. (Free to change your sheets for once a week)
From 3 months to 6 months (6-month is not included)
Room TypeStandard RoomDeluxe Room
One room One person4th and 5th floor SouthwardOne room One person
Rent69200 yen71200 yen81200 yen
Common Service Charges5500 yen5500 yen
Utility Expenses9300 yen9300 yen
Total for month84000 yen86000 yen96000 yen
※ Rental Futon charge is included in the rent. (Free to change your sheets for once a week)
6 months or more
Room TypeStandard RoomDeluxe Room
One room One person4th and 5th floor SouthwardOne room One person
Rent26000 yen28000 yen38000 yen
Common Service Charges5500 yen5500 yen
Utility Expenses9300 yen9300 yen
Total for month40800 yen42800 yen52800 yen
※ Please prepare your own bedding set. We provide Futon rental service with extra charge, contact us to know more details.
Necessary charges before contract
※ If the contract is start from the middle day of a month, the rent will be calculated by daily for that month.
Room Type1 month to 3 months(3-month not included) 3 months to 6 months(6-month not included) More than 6 months
10000 yen10000 yen20000 yen
Service Fee5500 yen5500 yen5500 yen
Room Cleaning Fee8800 yen8800 yen8800 yen
DepositIf you don’t have joint guarantor in Japan, more deposit might be charged from you. Please call us for more information about this policy.A joint guarantor is necessary.
Insurance fee--7000 yen for one year
Rent for month87000 yen~84000 yen~40800 yen~
Initial cost111300 yen~108300円 yen~82100 yen~
※ If the contract time is over 6 months but no joint guarantor in Japan, we may ask you to joint the insurance(15000 yen~ 2 years) that supported by rent guarantee insurance company.
※ Basically we will refund the deposit fully. (According to the room condition when checking out.)
Optional choices
Bedding basic 3,300 yen / month15,000 yen / Half a year
24,400 yen/year
* Contents: quilt, mattress, blanket, pillow, toweling blanket (summer), quilt cover set, pillow cover, sheets
* We do not accept any cancellation of half year-contraction and full year-contraction.
* The price above includes washing of the bedding covers thrice a month for 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Application to move into SHARELY STYLE HAKATA

What is the process for the application?
First of all, please fill in the inquiry form with the check-in date and period of your stay and so on.
If you are planning for a long-term stay which is more than 6 months, we highly recommend you visit us to have a look the place before coming. In that regard, please inform us about the date of inspection which you would like to visit. During your visit, our staff can answer all your questions about living here.
* If you live far away from SHARELY STYLE HAKATA, or are overseas, so that it would be difficult to do, please feel free to ask us any question by e-mail. After finishing visit, we will provide you with the application form. Please submit it to us either by FAX or by e-mail. Once we have completed your application review, we will contact you through e-mail or telephone.
Do I need a joint guarantor?
Please designate a person who lives in Japan as your joint guarantor.
If you do not have any joint guarantor, or if that person has no stable employment, you might need to sign up with an insurance company.
When am I supposed to pay for the initial fee?
It is required that the initial fee is transferred to our bank account at the latest 3 days before moving in.
In case that you live in oversea, or have some difficulties in making a bank transfer to a domestic Japanese bank account, please consult with us directly so that we can advise you other methods.
Is it possible to have my application rejected?
Since we give utmost importance to shared lifestyles for all residents, we possibly need to reject applicants who are unlikely to be able to respect share house rules or cannot refrain from causing a disturbance.
Our motto is “amiability”, outgoing and cheerful people are always welcomed! What is more, we have to reject applicants who focus on finding romantic relationships at our place.
To sum things up, people who can follow general social rules will be welcomed.
*Should we not conclude a contract with you after reviewing your application, we reserve the right not to inform you about the reason of rejection. Thank you for your kind understanding.
Can everyone move in?
There is no particular restriction on the applicant’s nationality, gender, age and career. (If the applicant is under 18 years old, he/she is in need of a person who is over 20 years old to sign the contract.
Since we give utmost importance to shared lifestyles, we have to reject applicants who are unlikely to be able to respect share house rules or cannot refrain from causing a disturbance. Even after moving in, your contract will be terminated if you have repeatedly caused disturbances to other tenants.
*We will reject applicants who want to move in mainly to find romantic relationships at our place.
Is it possible to put me on the waiting list?
Yes, if there are no vacancies, you can choose to be added to the waiting list. We will let you know as soon as if there is a vacancy.
Please kindly wait for our contact.
Will there be any charges if I cancel my application?
If the cancellation is made after the payment of the initial fee, the deposit fee up to ¥20,000 will not be refunded regardless of any reasons.
Please understand in advance.

Regarding the rules of living at SHARELY STYLE HAKATA

Who will be tasked with cleaning the common space?
Management staff and cleaning staff will clean all the common spaces. However, we will be much appreciative of you being considerate to other tenants by cleaning the stuff you use, or even help staff with things you may not use on daily basis.
*Please note that you are responsible to clean your own room. You of course can borrow the cleaning tools for free.
How can I dispose of garbage?
There is a shared rubbish bin sitting in the common space. You can dispose garbage after cooking there.
However, garbage from your own room needs be put into garbage bags designated by Fukuoka City and you need to buy it yourself.
Please place those garbage bags in the designated areas for garbage collection.
Are alcoholic beverages allowed in here?
Yes, you can drink alcohol either in your room or in the common space.
However, please be mindful of your manners while enjoying drinking.
Just as it is said, “You drink liquor, don’t let it drink you.
Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is strictly prohibited in your own room.
If you would like to smoke, please go to the designated outside smoking corner on the ground floor.
Can I let my friend stay in my room?
In principle, non-residents need to rent a different room. As additional cost will be incurred.
Please ask our management staff directly.
Anything else I need to know about living here?
Be sure to exchange “Greetings” before starting a communication! Greetings are very important in Japanese society and help with an amiable atmosphere for everyone.
In order to facilitate the successful share house lifestyle, please be considerate to each other. We believed to give is more blessed than to receive.
Can I have a pet in here?
Sorry, no pets are allowed neither in your room, nor in the common areas.

About shared lifestyle at SHARELY STYLE HAKATA

Where do the residents come from?
Half of the residents are Japanese. The other half comes from different countries including South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, United States, France, United Kingdom, etc.
If I am not good at Japanese or English, is that alright?
That is totally fine! Communication is not just about the use of words! The important thing is your strong feeling in making friends.
We are always surprised seeing how foreign residents with little knowledge on Japanese and Japanese residents with a beginner’s level of English can help each other in improving their language skills.
How often do you organize events?
Our management staff are organizing events about once a month. Besides, residents in here frequently hold parties themselves (such as birthday parties, farewell party, etc.).
Please do not be shy, join us and enjoy the party.
When there are problems in the share house, what should I do?
Please try to resolve the problems with your fellow tenants first. Yet, if the problem cannot be resolved between the tenants regardless of your efforts, please consult with our management staff.
Is there a chance of finding a romantic relationship here?
This is a place where you can befriend people of various nationalities.
Even though we reject prospect tenants who apply just only to find their partners, there have been some tenants who become couples after living in a shared lifestyle and become closer to each other.
Let us remind you again, we reject people who just come here to seek romance!
How will you deal with noises?
Living together in one place with people of different culture and lifestyles, some noise possibly will be expected. We appreciate your understanding.
* Nevertheless, please be assured that we will respond accordingly if the line has been crossed, such as in cases where loud noises are made continuously at late night. In such cases, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Will there be anyone to help me when I am in trouble?
All tenants here are people with consideration to each other.
If you have any troubles, please be brave and try consulting with your fellow tenants. At the same time, our management staff is also available to help you, please feel free to call him/her.
How can I pay for utility fees such as electricity, water, and Internet?
Fees for electricity and water will be included in the monthly rent in fixed amounts.
Please pay for them when you are paying the rent fee.
Meanwhile, the internet is free of charge. However, downloading large amounts of data, such as videos can slow down the internet connection speed for the whole share house. Please refrain from causing inconvenience to other residents.

Regarding to the contract cancellation and moving out

What should I do if I would like to move-out?
We have a cancellation notice available at the front of the share house, so please contact the management staff about the matter.
Please note that the cancellation notice must be submitted at least 1 month prior to the date you intend to move out.
Will you return my deposit?
An 8000 yen (ex. TAX) cleaning fee will be deducted from your deposit.
* You might be charged an extra cost for restoring the site to its original condition, depending on how you have used your room. Therefore, please keep your room clean and use it with care.


To all corporate members and education providers

If you are looking for a place to live for long-term business trips or training periods, please consider SHARELY STYLE HAKATA as your choice. Even if we cannot provide all the services as much as the hotel does, we will do our best to provide you with a place like “your home” to relax after work. We also offer special discounts to corporate members.

With more than 100 single rooms, we also provide service to large groups. Please contact us for any further details.

Enquiry method

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00 JST (Japan standard time)
Telephone number: (+81)120-41-0815

If you would like to contact us by e-mail, please use the enquiry form below.

* Required

Assumed Name
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